FW 2017-18


Haute Couture Paris FW 2017-18, Giambattista Valli

In his romantic and dreamy style that has always been at the heart of his high fashion collection, Giambattista Valli presented in Paris his last haute couture fall/winter 2017-18 collection, giving to the press and the public who loves him and follows him for years an essay of his innate ability to make feminine and sophisticated every woman thanks to his great imagination and creativity underpinned by a masterful tailoring.

On the catwalk it goes from mini, both wrapping as in A-line dresses in tweed for daytime  than in those with flouce skirt and top with sleeves puffed, even with train on the back until volumes before suggested by by studied drapes inspired to greek goddess and then absolutely compelling as during the grand final with grand soirée dresses that are a true triumph of tulle and  albeit between ruffles and overlappings, they look like light as clouds.

Giambattista Valli is a couturier with the will to seduce his clients gifting dreams and, as always, especially flower, at least symbolic, as in his floreal prints and his incredible handed embroidery that are a real spectacle of superior craftsmanship and poetry.

In his Winter Garden everything is like crystallized, time stops and the colours are those of the spring and between yellow, peach, pink, green aquamarine and coral, the couturier launched a haute couture collection at the bottom no season with the exception of a few garments in tweed and velvet.


Mood: Winter Garden
Lenght: mini, also with train or extra long
Breadth: tight A-line dress; soft draperies that don't mark the feminine silhoette and for the evening a triumph of wide volmes with grand soirée gowns realized in tulle with overlappings
Colors: yellow, black, peach, pink, white, aquamarine, nude cherry red, coral, burgundy
Fabrics: Silk, voile, satin, crepe, tweed, velvet, tulle, lace 

SS 2017


Haute Couture Paris SS 2017, Giambattista Valli

Unforgettable haute couture collection that enchantes and seduces with its colors and shapes. The next spring/summer 2017 signed by Giambattista Valli will be pure light and glamour thanks dresses able to awake in the eye and mind of the observers memories and suggestions stirring in the depths. The new haute couture spring/summer 2017 collection of this amazin italian couturier is the proof of the strong will to continue a personal stylistic journey that over time has masterfully articulated along a path in balance on the double track of tradition and experimentation, proceeding safely and shipped as a train though, as in all the paths that we track without maps or directions, he is animated only by the powerful desire to go ever further telling his aesthetics history.

This sparkling and creative spring/time collection is a real Manifesto of what the haute couture really is and it's frankly so nice to admire on the runway more than clothes an unbroken emotions. The magnificent creative dreams of Giambattista Valli, so unique and spectacular because their colors, embroideries, volumes and silhouettes, became reality, how it usually happens in the real haute couture world, in those During those magical and poetic treadure chest that are the atelier, direct heirs of the Renaissance workshops for the high level of craftsmanship that they are able to express. Here and only here everything was possible and only the sky was the limit. And today is just like then.


Mood: all the luxury of the Seventies
Lenght: mini or long, no halfway
Breadth: pants, embroidered minidress and shirt are tight while some dresses that are short on the front are very long on the back with amazing train until the maxi skirts made of thousands volants absolutely dreamy
Colors: yellow, liliac, brown, pink, pail blue, white, bordeaux, orange, pearl grey
Fabrics: satin, silk, mikado, lace, tulle

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